Wednesday 17 December 2014

Visit Maui Hawaii, There Is So Much To Do

А іmроrtаnt соmроnеnt оf hаvіng а grеаt Маuі vасаtіоn іs hаvіng fun. Аftеr аll, whо wаnts tо bе bоrеd оn а Наwаііаn vасаtіоn? Аs wіth уоur оvеrnіght ассоmmоdаtіоns, уоu hаvе sо mаnу Наwаіі асtіvіtіеs tо сhооsе frоm. Whаt уоu dо сhооsе shоuld dереnd оn уоur оwn реrsоnаl рrеfеrеnсеs, аs wеll аs thе аgеs оf уоur trаvеlіng раrtу. Ноwеvеr, еvеn іf уоu аrе оn а fаmіlу vасаtіоn, thеrе аrе mаnу асtіvіtіеs thаt аrе grеаt fоr іndіvіduаls оf аll аgеs.

Рорulаr асtіvіtіеs еnјоуеd bу Маuі vасаtіоnеrs іnсludе swіmmіng, bоаtіng, sаіlіng, fіshіng, hіkіng, sіghtsееіng, kауаkіng, surfіng, horseback riding, аnd whale watching. Іf уоu hаvе tіmе, уоu аrе еnсоurаgеd tо tаkе а Наwаіі dіnnеr сruіsе оr а рrіvаtе hеlісорtеr tоur оvеr thе іslаnd. Нumрbасk whаlе wаtсhіng іs аlsо еnјоуаblе fоr аll. Here are three examples of what you can see or do:

Тhе Наnа Ніghwау

Аs рrеvіоuslу stаtеd, sіghtsееіng іs аn асtіvіtу еnјоуеd bу mаnу Наwаіі vасаtіоnеrs. Whіlе уоu dо hаvе а numbеr оf grеаt Маuі аttrасtіоns tо сhооsе frоm, а drіvе uр оr dоwn thе Наnа Ніghwау іs rесоmmеndеd.
Rіght nоw, уоu mау bе thіnkіng thаt а drіvе uр а hіghwау dоеsn't sоund lіkе muсh fun, but уоu mау bе surрrіsеd. Тhе Наnа Ніghwау іs 53 mіlеs lоng аnd іt іs а sіghtsееrs drеаm. Аlоng thе wау, уоu wіll sее mаnу sсеnеrіеs thаt wіll tаkе уоur brеаthе аwау аnd mаkе fоr sоmе аmаzіng рісturеs. Тhе vіеws thаt уоu wіll fіnd оn thіs сurvу hіghwау іnсludе thе осеаn, wаtеrfаlls, lush fоlіаgе, hіstоrіс brіdgеs, аnd sо muсh mоrе.


Наlеаkаlа Νаtіоnаl Раrk strеtсhеs асrоss thе еаst оf thе іslаnd оf Маuі аnd іs hоmе tо thе соmmаndіng 10,000 fооt Наlеаkаlа Сrаtеr, thе wоrld's bіggеst іnасtіvе vоlсаnо аnd Маuі's hіghеst реаk, thе sоаrіng slореs оf whісh саn bе sееn frоm аnу роіnt оn Маuі. Тhе tеrm 'Наlеаkаlа' mеаns 'hоusе оf thе sun': а bеаutіful nаmе whісh аррrорrіаtеlу dеsсrіbеs hоw thе sun саn bе sееn rіsіng tо thе еаst оf thе mоuntаіn.

Helicopter Tours

Маuі Неlісорtеr Тоurs аrе а grеаt wау tо sее thе bеаutу оf Маuі, thе Rоmаntіс Іslаnd, іn Наwаіі. Тhе рlасе whеrе Јurаssіс Раrk wаs fіlmеd, thіs іslаnd іs full оf ехсіtіng sіtеs аnd bеаutіful lаnds. Маnу оf thе sресtасulаr рlасеs саn nоt bе rеасhеd bу lаnd аnd саn оnlу bе sееn іn thе аіr. Fоr suсh рlасеs thеrе іs nо bеttеr wау tо trаvеl thеn thе Маuі Аіr Неlісорtеr Тоurs. Durіng thеsе tоurs tоurіst trаvеl Наwаіі bу аіr vіеwіng thе drаmаtіс соаst lіnеs, dеер vаllеуs, rаіnfоrеst, vоlсаnоеs, сrаtеrs, аnd оthеr mаgnіfісеnt рlасеs.

...and many, many more. Be sure to check out our Top 10 Things To Do and See in Maui section for more information.

Monday 15 December 2014

The beauty of Kauai Island in Hawaii

The world is filled with wonders and it will never run out of marvelous places that are worth-visiting. However, there are certain places that really outshine others. One of the greatest marvels of the world is Kauai Island in Hawaii. It’s a little wonderland of the Pacific region and many people go back to it again and again.

Kauai, which is the oldest island in Hawaii, is popularly known as the “Garden Isle”. It is inherently abundant in terms of natural resources. In fact, it is a home of many different animals like wild chickens which originated from Polynesians. The Island is also rich in various crops like mango, guava, banana, papaya, avocado, coffee, pineapple and many more. This happy hunting ground is also a living embodiment of Hawaiian culture as you can encounter a lot of artifacts in its finest exhibition halls. The place is really amazing not just because of the magnificent sceneries present, but also because of the warm and accommodating people that dwell there. In terms of geographic attractions, there are spectacular volcanoes as well as majestic beaches on the Island that you can enjoy. Below are some attractions that make the Island different from other islands in Hawaii.

Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Park

If you are extremely adventurous, this is the number one to-go when you visit the Island. The Waimea Canyon was recognized to be the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific". The valley spreads across Waimea Canyon and Koke'e State parks. If you will go here, schedule it in the morning and of course, ensure that the weather is good so that you can clearly see the sky and clouds. Also, plan it on a clear day so that you can clearly see the vibrant color of the canyon. You will immensely enjoy the picturesque view of this enthralling scenery.

Kilauea Lighthouse

Another highlight of the place is the Kilauea Lighthouse. It is simply amazing as you look at the lighthouse alongside the beach. It can give you a soothing feeling because of the enchanting spectacle. This was actually the lighthouse featured in the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. You can freely take memorable shots in this well- celebrated vista.

Aside from these awesome attractions, there are also fun-filled activities that you can do while you spend the holiday in the Island. You can actually roam around the wide sugar plantations of the place or have a great time with Whale watching or stretch some sways with golf. The place is really ideal for golf as it has wide golf courses. Moreover, if you just want to relax, you can go to the different beaches like Anini Beach Park, Kee Beach, Hanalei Bay beach Park and many more. If you want a breathtaking view, you can engage with a Kauai Hawaii Helicopter Ride for you to see the whole Island and be mesmerized by how perfect this dreamland is.

Friday 28 November 2014

Hawaii: The 50th State but 1st in Holiday Destinations

Holidays in Hawaii are the most visited state of the union. Although it is a small state, broken up into individual islands and as far away a state from the continental United States that there is, it’s still the most coveted holiday destination of them!

Perhaps that’s why so many people in the United States choose Hawaii as a vacation spot. It is far enough away and different enough to feel like you’re in an entirely different country but still the good ole’ US of A.

However, the United States population doesn’t make the state of Hawaii the most popular of vacation destinations. Nope. That would be the rest of the world that does that.

Hawaii’s Journey from Island Nation to Territory and Finally, the 50th State

On June 14, 1900 the United States Congress passes an act that is called the Hawaii Organic Act that established the Hawaiian Islands as a US territory and grants all peoples of Hawaii citizenship in the United States

Between 1903 and 1958 several bills are forwarded from the Hawaiian Territory Government to the US Congress requesting that Hawaii be granted statehood. Although these bills went to congress for consideration none of the bills garnered enough attention to get approval.

December 7th 1941 the sneak attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor. The World War causes resentment and distrust of Hawaiians with Japanese ancestry and their “American-ness” becomes questioned. Sadly, Hawaii is then placed under martial law until 1944.

February 1, 1943. Volunteers from mainland and island based “relocation camps” are stood up as the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. The unit is comprised mostly of Nisei (American born children of Japanese Immigrants). This unit fights in Italy and takes many casualties resulting in the becoming one of the most decorated units in the war.

On December 2, 1945 the US interior secretary officially endorses Hawaii’s Statehood.

On March 11, 1959 the 86th US Senate approves Alaskan statehood and in an attempt to maintain political balance (Alaska was predominantly Democrats while Hawaii was mostly Republican the time) approves the bid for Hawaiian Statehood.

On August 21, 1959 President Eisenhower makes it official by signing a proclamation that welcomes Hawaii as the 50th state of the Union. Hawaii has a storied past. From ancient times and people to the more current 20th Century history. A holiday in Hawaii will show you what makes the islands and their peoples so special.

Monday 30 June 2014

Take a Day Trip to Lanai and Molokai while on Maui Hawaii

So, just in case you’re sitting on a beach in Maui during your Hawaii holiday and you’re asking yourself “what to do, what to do”, why not mix it up a little bit?  The Hawaiian Islands are very close together.  That means that you can actually plan a day trip to islands like Molokai and Lanai from your location on Maui.

It’s like another holiday inside of your current holiday!  How awesome is that!
The thing to remember is that each Hawaiian Island has its own small distinctions in lifestyle, activities, cultures and even weather.  Did you know that there are 32 micro-climates within the Hawaiian Islands?
“Island Hopping” is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your Hawaiian holiday.  You can actually plan trips to other islands that leave first thing in the morning and arrive back that same day either before or after dinner.

Why Visit Lanai?

·         The Garden of the Gods: A plateau with preternatural boulders of all shapes and sizes that have been worn down by millions of years erosion from the wind.  If you time your visit for sunset then the boulders will glow.

·         Hulopoe Beach:  This beach is located a short stroll from the Four Seasons Resort on Manele Bay.  The beach has perfectly calm waters all year round and is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and even the chance to see spinner dolphins. 

·         Kanepuu Reserve:  This is a rare, dry land forest in the heart of tropical Hawaii.  The reserve features many different types of trees, to include:  ebony, sandalwood and olive.  The reserve also houses and protects axis deer and mouflon sheep.

Why Visit Molokai?

·         Kealakekua Bay:  One of the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii is right off the coast of Kealakekua Bay.  You will have to kayak out to prime snorkeling locations but it’s worth the effort because you may have a few spinner dolphins swimming right along your kayak.

·         Kaunakakai Pier:  It is the longest wharf in Hawaii.  Take a chartered boat ride and cast your line out.  Your efforts could result in a catch of marlin, mahimahi, ahi (tuna) and/or Oho!

·         Halawa Valley:  Take a trip to the historic Halawa Valley and see where legends says the some of the first Polynesian settlers first landed and set up villages.  Beautiful scenery of historic and native Hawaii.

You can see why taking a day trip from Maui to Molokai or Lanai would well worth it during Holidays in Hawaii.  Don’t limit yourself to one island when you can 2 in the same day!

Tuesday 24 June 2014

SNUBA in Hawaii to Make Memories that Last a Lifetime.

There’s a whole new rage taking over the water sports community.  It’s called snuba and it is magically awesome!
In the past people on vacation in Hawaii would flock to gorgeous snorkeling and scuba spots on the Hawaiian Islands to see beautiful marine life right in front of them. 
Some of those spots include Hanauma Bay, Electric Beach and Shark’s Cove on Oahu.  Molokini Crater in Maui (gorgeous location and perhaps the best snorkeling spot in the world!).  Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island and Ke’e Beach on Kauai.  These locations are awesome  for snorkeling and scuba.
We’re talking about SNUBA, though…a cross between snorkeling and scuba.
What is SNUBA?

Basially, snuba is a form of surface-supplied air from a raft, kayak or small boat.  The person who is diving wears flippers, a diving mask and weights.  There is a regulator on the mask that runs to the air supply system on the vessel above via tubing.  The weights are so the person can actually submerge into the water and swim around to explore.
Snuba is super safe.  There is always a trained professional keeping an eye on all divers.  The breathing system is expertly developed by SNUBA international.  So, relax and enjoy the magic of snuba on your visit to Hawaii.

Best Places to SNUBA in Hawaii During Your Visit

·         Big Island Water Sports, Kahanuola /Honokohau Harbor on the Big Island
·         Body Glove Hawaii, Kailua-Kona on the Big Island
·         Four Seasons Resort-Manele Bay on Lanai
·         Aqua Adventures at the Molokini Crater on Maui
·         Lani Kai at the Molokini Crater on Maui
F·         Holole’a Kai at Ko’Olina on Oahu
·         Pacific Beach Hotel Oceanarium in Honolulu
Note:  Maui has A LOT of places that offer snuba.  If you’re on that Island for your holiday just ask around…there’s bound to be one nearby!

Why is Snuba So Magical?

Snorkeling is great but it has its limitations. You need to stay close to shore and can’t dive for long periods of time to “hang out” with the marine life.  Scuba is awesome, but you need to get certified, become good at it, and lug around a heavy air tank.  Snuba is the perfect mix of both of them.  You can dive in semi-deep water, and stay submerged because of the weights and the breathing system. 

It doesn’t take long to watch an educational video or receive a safety and instructional class (one hour tops!) and then you can be “doing the snuba” with tropical fish, Hawaiian green sea turtles (honu), moray eels and rays.  A must do on your Hawaii holiday to create that memorable experience of a lifetime!

Monday 23 June 2014

Hawaii Holidays Experiencing Tubing in Kauai

You may be thinking that tubing only belongs at water parks.  So, you rationalize:  Why would I visit an island paradise like Hawaii and go to a waterpark?  That’s where you making a mistake.  When you’re on holiday in Hawaii you might as well accept that each Hawaiian Island is a natural water park of wonder and amusement. 
Tubing on the island of Kauai is like traversing rugged mountains that are blanketed by lush, evergreen forest.  It’s a beautiful experience, as you get to see tropical vegetation and flora and native birds all the while floating down a cooling mountain river. 

Sounds great, right?  Now imagine that you take those scenes and capture them on video?  You’ll be experiencing the natural beauty of Hawaii and making enjoyable memories for the entire family, while at the same time building a permanent account of the event.  You can show friends and family back home or watch it over and over again years later.

Why is Natural Tubing the Perfect Hawaiian Activity?

In order to achieve natural tubing you need a few things:  elevation, flowing water and the right climate to do it year round. Oh, and large irrigation systems. The Hawaiian Islands are perfect for the activity and especially the island of Kauai
Kauai is home to old sugar plantations that are no longer active.  During the 1800’s intricate irrigation systems were built to bring natural flowing mountain water down to water the fields.  Since those irrigation channels are no longer being used they have been converted into the perfect tubing experience.

Best Place to Tube on Your Hawaiian Holiday

Kauai Backcountry Adventures
Location:  Kuhio Highway, Hanama’ulu, HI (on the Island of Kauai_
Located on 17,000 acres of the former Lihue sugar plantation in the middle of Kauai backcountry, this experience will bring you close to the Hawaiian nature scene in a near extreme way.  Besides tubing, you can also zipline down the mountain.
The zipline adventure is almost as fun as the tubing experience. While the zipline may not be appropriate for all age groups, you can guarantee that those who do fly high over the lush rainforest into the valley below will never forget it.

Don’t Worry:  Your Safety is Paramount

With both the Kauai tubing and ziplining experience, the activity moderators ensure that each person wears a safety helmet and is thoroughly briefed on the safety procedures.  There are also tour and safety guides along each part of the tubing channel.  They also send off and receive you on the zipline adventure.

Tube the mountain waters of zipline over tropical forest during your Hawaii holiday to make your visit to paradise a memory that you will cherish forever.

Captain James Cook Memorial during your Hawaiian holiday

Just over 10 miles south of Kailua Village in South Kona on the Big Island is Kealekekua Bay State Historical Park.  The entire bay is a marine conversation park that is just about the best location for snorkeling, scuba and kayaking all in one spot.  The water is crystal clear, and besides schools of tropical fish, you’ll have the opportunity to see Hawaiian green sea turtles, and maybe even some spinner dolphins.
A trip to Kealekekua Bay is a definite “must do” if you’re on the big island during your Holidays in Hawaii.  But wait!  There’s more…

Hawaii and the UK Connected through History

Kealekekua Bay holds significant historical importance that, ironically, connects Hawaii with Britain.  You see, Kealekekua Bay is where Captain James Cook first landed on the Hawaii Big Island. 
Cook was the first Briton to make contact with the Hawaiian Islands, first landing in Kauai in 1778.  The story of Cook and the Hawaiian Islands is a strange one. 
Kealekekua Bay was regarded by native Hawaiians as sacred and belonging to that of the fertility God, Lono.  It would appear that the Hawaiians attached religious significance to the landing of Cook and his crew at the Bay.  They were regarded as Gods. 

On Cook’s second visit to the island, it was evident that he and his crew were revered.  The second visit happened in the midst of a Hawaiian fertility festival dedicated to Lono.  For a month, Cook and his crew took full advantage of the way they were revered and the significance of “fertility” of the bay.  They traded metal and other goods in exchanged for sex.
However, then something went terribly wrong.  One of Cook’s crew died and the Englishmen were then known to be mortal.  The natives became restless and upset at being deceived.  They formed a mob.  Cook’s crew fired upon them but they were forced to flee.  One of the ships were damaged in the withdrawal by storms and forced to return.  The angry mob of natives did not relent and Cook’s men were soon overwhelmed.  Some escaped.  Other’s didn’t.  Among the dead was Cook.

Hawaii and the Captain James Cook Memorial Today

Today, two remnants of that near-ancient skirmish still remain.  One, a white obelisk near the shores of Kealakekua Bay symbolizes and memorializes Cook’s death.  The second, on the east side of the bay is a sacred temple dedicated to the Hawaiian fertility god, Lono.

Hawaii.  Britain.  Connected throughout history and present day by visitors.  Don’t miss out on your chance to visit and experience the bay and the Captain James Cook Memorial during your Hawaiian holiday

Friday 20 June 2014

Learn to Play the Ukulele on Your Holiday in Hawaii

Aaah, the ukulele…that very small, “guitar-looking-fiddle” of an instrument thing.
The ukulele has that unique Hawaiian sound that so many have come to know.  There are millions of people who leave Hawaii every year with a brand new ukulele and the passion to learn how to play it.
Will you bring home a ukulele or take lesson during your holiday to Hawaii? Probably!  The sound and feel are addicting and it is the perfect keepsake from your Hawaiian holiday and a way to always remember your trip.

History of the Ukulele

First of all, the pronunciation is often butchered by tourists in Hawaii.  The correct pronunciation is oo-koo-leh-leh opposed to the mispronunciation of yoo-koo-lay-lay.

The ukulele actually originates in Portugal.  During the 18th century, traditional lutes and guitars were made smaller for easier transportation and affordability.  These small instruments were known as machete de braca.
As Portuguese workers came to Hawaii, they brought the machete de braca with them on boats.  On board on boats were 3 wood workers who each hoped to open furniture businesses.  Since furniture didn’t appeal to the simple, native Hawaiians those businesses soon failed.  However, the Hawaiians did fall in love with the machete and the cabinet makers were soon making them in droves for the locals.
The instrument eventually became the “ukulele” in Hawaiian.  Literally translated the word means “jumping flea”.  The name probably came about because of the way the musician’s fingers jumped around the strings and instrument.  The instrument was a favorite of the Hawaiian royal family.

Where to Get Free Ukulele Lessons in Hawaii

While the instrument didn’t originate with Hawaii, the Polynesian culture quickly adopted the instrument and made the sound uniquely synonymous with Hawaiian folk music and the luau.
Many locations, particularly hotels, give FREE ukulele lessons as part of their amenities and entertainment. 
·         The Royal Hawaiian Center on Oahu
·         The Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
·         Kaanapali Beach Hotel on Maui
·         Mauna Lani Bay Hotel on the Big Island
·         Kona Seaside Hotel on the Big Island
·         Kauai Hyatt on Kauai
Those are just a few of the hotels and resorts on the Hawaiian Islands where you can get free ukulele lessons during your Hawaiian holiday.  If the particular lodging you’re staying at does not provide free lessons then be sure to ask the concierge where you can find them for a deal or free nearby.

If you do bring home a ukulele from your holiday in Hawaii then you can rest assured that your lessons don’t have to end in Hawaii.  There are many spots online that offer free ukulele lessons.