Monday 23 June 2014

Hawaii Holidays Experiencing Tubing in Kauai

You may be thinking that tubing only belongs at water parks.  So, you rationalize:  Why would I visit an island paradise like Hawaii and go to a waterpark?  That’s where you making a mistake.  When you’re on holiday in Hawaii you might as well accept that each Hawaiian Island is a natural water park of wonder and amusement. 
Tubing on the island of Kauai is like traversing rugged mountains that are blanketed by lush, evergreen forest.  It’s a beautiful experience, as you get to see tropical vegetation and flora and native birds all the while floating down a cooling mountain river. 

Sounds great, right?  Now imagine that you take those scenes and capture them on video?  You’ll be experiencing the natural beauty of Hawaii and making enjoyable memories for the entire family, while at the same time building a permanent account of the event.  You can show friends and family back home or watch it over and over again years later.

Why is Natural Tubing the Perfect Hawaiian Activity?

In order to achieve natural tubing you need a few things:  elevation, flowing water and the right climate to do it year round. Oh, and large irrigation systems. The Hawaiian Islands are perfect for the activity and especially the island of Kauai
Kauai is home to old sugar plantations that are no longer active.  During the 1800’s intricate irrigation systems were built to bring natural flowing mountain water down to water the fields.  Since those irrigation channels are no longer being used they have been converted into the perfect tubing experience.

Best Place to Tube on Your Hawaiian Holiday

Kauai Backcountry Adventures
Location:  Kuhio Highway, Hanama’ulu, HI (on the Island of Kauai_
Located on 17,000 acres of the former Lihue sugar plantation in the middle of Kauai backcountry, this experience will bring you close to the Hawaiian nature scene in a near extreme way.  Besides tubing, you can also zipline down the mountain.
The zipline adventure is almost as fun as the tubing experience. While the zipline may not be appropriate for all age groups, you can guarantee that those who do fly high over the lush rainforest into the valley below will never forget it.

Don’t Worry:  Your Safety is Paramount

With both the Kauai tubing and ziplining experience, the activity moderators ensure that each person wears a safety helmet and is thoroughly briefed on the safety procedures.  There are also tour and safety guides along each part of the tubing channel.  They also send off and receive you on the zipline adventure.

Tube the mountain waters of zipline over tropical forest during your Hawaii holiday to make your visit to paradise a memory that you will cherish forever.

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