Monday 30 June 2014

Take a Day Trip to Lanai and Molokai while on Maui Hawaii

So, just in case you’re sitting on a beach in Maui during your Hawaii holiday and you’re asking yourself “what to do, what to do”, why not mix it up a little bit?  The Hawaiian Islands are very close together.  That means that you can actually plan a day trip to islands like Molokai and Lanai from your location on Maui.

It’s like another holiday inside of your current holiday!  How awesome is that!
The thing to remember is that each Hawaiian Island has its own small distinctions in lifestyle, activities, cultures and even weather.  Did you know that there are 32 micro-climates within the Hawaiian Islands?
“Island Hopping” is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your Hawaiian holiday.  You can actually plan trips to other islands that leave first thing in the morning and arrive back that same day either before or after dinner.

Why Visit Lanai?

·         The Garden of the Gods: A plateau with preternatural boulders of all shapes and sizes that have been worn down by millions of years erosion from the wind.  If you time your visit for sunset then the boulders will glow.

·         Hulopoe Beach:  This beach is located a short stroll from the Four Seasons Resort on Manele Bay.  The beach has perfectly calm waters all year round and is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and even the chance to see spinner dolphins. 

·         Kanepuu Reserve:  This is a rare, dry land forest in the heart of tropical Hawaii.  The reserve features many different types of trees, to include:  ebony, sandalwood and olive.  The reserve also houses and protects axis deer and mouflon sheep.

Why Visit Molokai?

·         Kealakekua Bay:  One of the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii is right off the coast of Kealakekua Bay.  You will have to kayak out to prime snorkeling locations but it’s worth the effort because you may have a few spinner dolphins swimming right along your kayak.

·         Kaunakakai Pier:  It is the longest wharf in Hawaii.  Take a chartered boat ride and cast your line out.  Your efforts could result in a catch of marlin, mahimahi, ahi (tuna) and/or Oho!

·         Halawa Valley:  Take a trip to the historic Halawa Valley and see where legends says the some of the first Polynesian settlers first landed and set up villages.  Beautiful scenery of historic and native Hawaii.

You can see why taking a day trip from Maui to Molokai or Lanai would well worth it during Holidays in Hawaii.  Don’t limit yourself to one island when you can 2 in the same day!

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